When the day is done, the thinking that seems to matter most is that we are taking part in a web of human interaction. The food you eat at Pizzaiolo is 100% down-home human-made.



It stands in the face of the overly commodified food systems that have taken over the American consciousness since the industrial revolution. It is grown, cooked, and served by people who live right here, who raise their children right here, right now.

In this way, we are forced to constantly check in with each other, to look each other in the face and say if we are happy or unhappy with a given product, to make right, things we have done wrong, and hopefully, at the end of the day, come together around the table and break bread while reflecting on the day. In this way, we support not just an ideology of organic food, or sustainable practice, we actually build intimate human relationships that are essential and nourishing.