We at Pizzaiolo believe that the simple act of feeding people is at the core of what it is to be human. We focus on the ritual of taking life from the world around us and presenting it to you to sustain your own life.



We believe that taking part in this ritual is vital and deserving of the utmost respect to the plants and animals we choose to source and to you, our friends, family and customers.

We also believe that this kind of eating, and sourcing of food has been at the core of American life since the beginning, and that up until the industrial revolution everyone ate a simple, local diet; farm to table. There is nothing fancy about it, in fact its pretty much how we have all been eating for hundreds of years.

We buy whole animals from ranchers we know and trust: We buy organic flour milled in Oakland by people who bring their children to Pizzaiolo for dinner. We change the menu every day to reflect the offerings of these remarkable local food purveyors in their freshest most beautiful form.